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Railway Association of Canada


300 Kenny Street
Sarnia, Ontario
N7T 7J2

Phone: (519) 383-7200
Fax: (519) 383-7800
Email: office@viprail.com


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VIP offers one of the only industrial transloading facilities in the Ontario-Michigan corridor.  Whether you’re loading truck to tank car, or tank car to truck, we have the facility to meet your needs.

Customized loading racks, spill protection and experienced personnel means your product is being handled safely every step of the way.

Our employee’s are certified in handling dangerous goods and hazardous materials.  Most employees have additional certifications to meet specific product safety demands.

At VIP safety is never an option, it’s a requirement and we have the track record to prove it.

550 railcar storage spots and an operation that runs 24/7 means we have the capacity to get the job done every day of the week.

Track pans are in place to catch minor spills and leaks.

Shut off valves strategically located around the site create convenient emergency containment and environmental protection.


V.I.P also has dedicated rail that is able to steam multiple railcars at one time, which makes Transloading with our customized loading racks even more efficient.  In many cases this allows us to greatly reduce locomotive time, meaning lower prices for you.

When it comes to pricing, V.I.P has a very competitive pricing index; coupled with, an impeccable safety record, so you have peace of mind when we are handling your product.  Call us today for details.